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Learn more by following the guide below. Should you have any additional questions please contact us and we will be happy to help you. Thank you for choose Metro Cars!

Account Setup

• Go to Access online booking tool by selecting the “Book Now” button at the upper right of the home screen.

• If you are a new customer, select “START HERE” and fill in applicable information and click “Register”, otherwise proceed to “Returning Customer Login” and enter your User ID and Password, then proceed to next page for booking instructions.

• The system will send a confirmation e-mail. Follow instructions to activate your account and you will be automatically taken to the reservation screen.

Profile Features

• The profile section provides access to, and the ability to edit, your contact information, username and password as well as address and payment histories.


Please use this section to make sure that all of your information is accurate and up to date.


After making any changes to your profile make sure you submit the new information by clicking the 'update' button below the 'notes' section.


To update your password type in your new password in both the 'password' and 'verify password' fields. Once complete click the 'update' button.

(Passwords must be between 6 and 30 characters. Passwords much contain at least one non-alphabetic character, such as a number.)


An email confirmation of the change to your password will be sent to you for your records.



• Click on the 'Email Setup' button.


• Check/Un-check 'confirm' and/or 'receipt' for each opiton.


• The 'Direct Program' offers the ability to receive additional information about your trips including a Trip Confirmation, Chauffeur Information and Trip Status Notifications.



• Once complete, click the 'Update' button.


Booking your Trip

• The screen that appears after logging in will be used to enter all trip information. You may click “Preset & Previous Trip Address History” if you have booked with us before and would like to use previous trip information for your new reservation.

• You will first need to enter the time and date for this pickup. Click on the “Pickup Date & Time” box to select correct information. Click “Continue”

when finished.

• Next, click on box that says “Pickup Location” to enter where the passenger will be picked up. Select the tab that corresponds with your pickup location and then enter information.

When you begin typing in “Description” the system will search for locations. If the correct location is in the drop down, simply select it and the system will fill in all information.

When finished, click next.

• Next, select “Dropoff Location” to enter where the passenger would like to be dropped off. Similar to the Pickup Location screen, you will want to select the correct tab that corresponds with the dropoff location.

For the pickup location, when you start typing the system will automatically pull up a list of suggestions. Select the correct one to fill in.

If you have a flight, enter the flight information and then click “Verify Flight” so the system will be able to track your flight.

After flight is verified, click “Select” to confirm flight and then click “Next” when finished.

• Next you will need to enter the passenger’s information. Click the box on the main screen that says “Passenger(s)”

Use the drop down to select the passenger name if it is an existing customer.

If the passenger is not an existing customer, please manually enter all information and click “Add” button when finished.

If the passenger would like to receive notifications (confirmation e-mail, 24 hour reminder, chauffeur info, etc.) click “Set Notifications” and select desired notifications then click “Save Settings”.

When finished, click “Next”

• Next you will need to enter the desired vehicle type by selecting the “Vehicle Type” box from the main screen. Click the “Choose” button next to the vehicle and then click “Next” to confirm selection.

• Next you will be required to enter the payment method for the reservation. Select the “Payment” box from the main screen. At the top you will see the estimated cost of the trip. If you have a credit card on file, you may use that card by clicking the “Choose” button next to the correct credit card.

If your credit card is not on file, enter the required information. You have the option to choose “New Credit Card” or “Set as Default.”

When finished, click “Next”

• Lastly, if there are any special instructions that need to be included in this reservation, please click “Reservation Instructions” button on main screen. Type in any desired instructions and click “Continue” to save.

• If you are finished with the reservation, click “Complete Booking Request” to save the reservation. You will see a summary of the trip including a confirmation number.

• If you are finished you may exit, your reservation has been saved. If you need to make a change to the reservation, click “Edit” and if you will need a return trip, click “Book Return Trip”

Making a Return Trip

• If you need a return trip, click “Book Return Trip” at the bottom of the first reservation. The system will automatically fill in the reverse of your first leg. You will need to enter your pickup date and time as well as any flight information. When finished, click “Complete Booking Request”.

• If your flight arrival time does not match the time you manually entered, the system will ask if you would like to change the pickup time to match the flight arrival time. Select “OK” to proceed.

• Click “Complete Booking Request” to save return trip.

• Both reservations will now appear on the “Trip List” Screen. Select button that says “Trip List” at the top of the screen. You can adjust the date range to view all reservations.

Adding an Extra Stop

• From the main booking screen, click “Add Stops” button at the bottom.

• Screen will display current routing for the trip. Select the appropriate tab for where the stop will be and then type in stop information like you did while adding the initial pickup and drop off. When finished, click “Add to Stop List”

As with other locations, when you begin typing a list of options will appear and you can click on the correct one to automatically fill in the required information

• When stop has been successfully added, it will appear in the routing information. If you need to add additional stops, repeat this process until completed and then hit “Next” to proceed.

• When you return to the main screen, it will show that your stop has been added. Click “Complete Booking Request” to save reservation.

• The added stop will now appear on the summary screen.

Canceling a Reservation

• Begin on the “Trip List” screen. Click “Cancel” button next to the reservation you wish to cancel.

• You will be asked to input a reason for the cancellation. Enter your note and then click “Ok” to proceed.

• You will then receive a confirmation of your cancellation as well as a cancellation number.

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